General information

Course: MA133/MA135/MA160 MATHEMATICAL STUDIES, 2019/2020, John Burns, Angela Carnevale, Dane Flannery, Aisling McCluskey


You have to register to take part in the assignments. Everything you enter is kept confidential and only used for assessment purposes.

Getting the exercise sheets

You get the exercise sheets via these web pages. Problem sheets differ from student to student. Therefore, you have to enter your ID and password to get an exercise sheet. You can view the sheets as PDF (for printout) or as a web page in HTML.

Submission of solutions

You enter your solutions using these web pages as well. You simply fetch the exercise sheet again as HTML and click/type in your solutions. The marking is automatic. You can submit as many times as you want before the due date, your latest submission counts. After the due date you can see your score and the correct solutions.

Only assignments submitted before the deadline will be accepted. For more information see the Late Submission Policy

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